About Me

I am a Six Sigma and Google Certified Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, currently working as an Editor for various Tech Websites. Education wise, I am an MBA in Finance and Marketing and also hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Communications Engineering.  I have 1 year of work experience as an Analyst for a Top MNC. I am competent in SEO, Business Analytics, and Digital Sales.

I am a guitarist and love composing music. In my free time, I binge watch TV Series, travel, play games and keep myself busy. I am also a Tech-Fanatic and try to get my hands on the latest gadgets (basically mobiles) as soon as I can. I love Cars and Bikes and my dream is to own a Tesla Model X.

Lowell Thomas said "Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can" and I try to live by that. I base all academic, professional and personal endeavors on it.